Windycrest Racing

Sailboat Racing..... we all do it. Even if you're just out for a leisurely day sail. You'll see a boat over there and ask yourself am I moving better than him? Will I get up to that cove before him? For some reason it is just an innate thing all sailors do. Even if you don't race.

One of Windycrest's functions is hosting formal races for members. From day races, series racing, and even to the national level, Windycrest supports its membership with a great racing program. The racers are the best source for information on Windycrest racing. Any of them would love to answer your questions about any aspect of our program. Below is a simple primer for the inquisitively uninitiated.

For our schedules go to our Racing & Events Calendar.

For Windycrest, Centerboards classes (smaller, lighter boats) and Keelboat classes (heavier cabin style boats) race on the same day. The PRO or Principal Race Officer, is the person running the races for the day. They conscript a group of 6 people to assist them. There are generally 3 people on the Race committee boat, and 2 each on the two mark boats.

Sunday Racing - Skippers and crew usually arrive from 11:30 to 12:30 to prep and launch their boats before 1:00pm.

At 1:00 pm, the PRO hosts a competitors meeting in the pavilion. The PRO might announce any issues of the day, and skippers may ask any questions. Right before the competitors meeting is the time that beginners and novices seeking crew positions would want to be around searching for boats that need crew.

The first start sequence begins at 2:00 pm, so most boats will shove off the docks shortly after the Competitors meeting.

Wednesday Evening Racing - Skippers & Crew usually arrive around 5:00 to 5:30 PM to eat a Windycrest Burger or Hot Dog. The competitor's meeting is about 6:00 PM with the first race around 6:50 PM.

Skipper's Meetings start at 12:00 noon after Daylight Savings Time.