Below are the active fleets at Windycrest. Just because you may not have a boat in one of these classes does not mean you cannot enjoy in their events, projects, and camaraderie. Come out and help with a race committee. Help plan a party. Crew on a boat. Go to a fleet meeting. Many members are in more than one fleet. Any of the sailors listed would love to hear from you and answer your questions. Send them a e-mail or give them a call.

Fleet Captains - If you wish to have your fleet function listed on the Windycrest Home Page contact the webmaster with your information.


MC Scow

Fleet Captain: Drew Ziegler

Thistle Fleet 108

Fleet Captain: Fred Morgan

Centerboard class



Fleet Captain: Tom Ostrye

Radio Control

Fleet Captain: IV McNamare

Centerboard Handicap Fleet

Fleet Captain: Darrell Daniel

Keelboat Handicap Fleet