Ahoy Visitors

Visitors with an interest in sailing are always welcome at Windycrest! Visiting for a Regatta? - Have a lay day and need something to do? - Need to know where to stay? - Need dinner and a drink? - Does your spouse and/or kids need diversions? This page will help you with links so you can find things to do, see, stay, and eat. If you have any questions, just ask! Bear in mind Windycrest is fairly isolated, so unless it's gas, beer, ice, or pop it'll be about a 30 mile round trip drive to do anything.


If you aren't staying with a club member or camping out, here are the hotels closest to Windycrest: The Hampton Inn in Sand Springs is very nice. it is on the northeast corner of US Hwy 412 and 81st West Ave. The Holiday Inn Express in Sand Springs is the newest, located close to downtown at 101 W. Morrow Road.

Keystone State Park has some nice cabins for groups or families. They are located across Keystone Dam on Hwy 151. From the Club, Go west of Hwy 412, take the first exit and cross the dam. You're there. About 7 miles away.

Food & Drink

For a comprehensive list of great places to eat in the Tulsa area visit Zomato.com. Here you will find everything from BBQ, burger joints to fine dining.

Minor Emergencies

Accidents can happen when you least expect it. If dialing 911, be sure and tell the operator you are in Osage County. You can find the St. John Urgent Care, a minor emergency clinic run by Tulsa's St. John Hospital, at 402 W. Morrow Road, Sand Springs. It is 2 blocks south of US Hwy 412 on Hwy 97. (southwest corner of Morrow Road & Hwy 97) It is inside the OMNI Medical Group Building. Phone: 918-245-1119.


Utica Square - Old School Shopping Center that predates "the mall" Located at 21st and Utica, in the middle of Tulsa nicest "old oil money" neighborhoods. Includes many one-of-a-kind stores and places to eat. Cherry Street - as it is called - is 15th street between Utica and Peoria Avenue. Another bunch of one-of-a-kind shops. Find more stuff like the Bass Pro Shop, more malls, and other neat stuff at Visit Tulsa.com


Be sure to check the coming events for the venues below: Tulsa Performing Arts Center - Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Broadway. Tulsa has much to offer culturally and the PAC has a nationwide reputation for having excellent facilities and knowledgeable audiences. Cain's Ballroom: from Bob Wills to the Sex Pistols... over seventy years of musical history graces Cain's. Worth the trip just to say you've been there.
The Oklahoma Aquarium is in Jenks, Oklahoma. Besides the native and exotic fish, they have the coolest fishing equipment museum you'll ever see.
The Gathering Place is a park for everyone. It's almost 100 acres along the riverfront of the Arkansas River. Plan to spend more than a few hours when you visit this award-winning place in Tulsa.

Area history

Windycrest is in the middle of an Ancient Forest where there are thousands of 200-400 year old trees right above our sailing area.
Outlaws loved this place. From the Daltons to Pretty Boy Floyd, they all hung in the rugged hills of Oklahoma. Osage County, northwest of Tulsa, very popular! Did you know there are over 550 plugged oil wells under Keystone Lake?
While there are no Indian reservations in Oklahoma, over sixty tribes have been assigned lands in "The Nations." Visit the Osage Casino: it is a mile or so north of Hwy 412 on 129th W. Ave.