Windycrest Membership Opportunities

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Directions to Windycrest

If you are an old salt or just new to sailing Windycrest Sailing Club invites you to check us out and become involved in this great sport. You don't have to have a boat to join — just an interest in sailboat cruising or racing.

Don't be intimidated by a lack of sailing experience. Windycrest offers adult and junior training during the summer. But if you have experience, so much the better.

Becoming a Windycrest member is a straight forward process. The only requirement for membership is a keen interest in the sport of sailing and a desire to join with others in pursuing that interest. First complete and submit the on-line membership application. A completed application form with proper dues payment must be submitted before approval of membership will be granted. You will then be invited to a Board of Governors meeting so that we can meet you get your views on sailing club participation.

Windycrest has two main types of membership: Regular membership and Associate membership. "Regular members" are those who own a sailboat that they sail at the club. Regular members usually keep their keelboats in the water at our docks or in our dry-sail storage lots. If you have a boat and would like to keep it at the club, include a request for dock space or dry-sail space along with your membership application (contact us about our docking lim itations on boat length and displacement). “Associate” members, on the other hand, are those who don´t own a boat at the club. Nevertheless, an Associate member has access to all club facilities and activities, including training programs. Many Associate members actively crew on other member´s boats.

Windycrest welcomes anyone interested in learning to sail as well as experienced sailors to our private Club on Lake Keystone! Before mailing your application, please contact the Club Secretary by email (secretary at to be sure you have the most up to date information and are joining with the correct membership category and sending the appropriate Dues and fees, as applicable. You will also need details about meeting with the Board to complete your membership application.