Windycrest Membership Opportunities


   Download a Membership Application Form, or a Windycrest Sailing Club Brochure

                                                         Directions to Windycrest 

If you are new to sailing and not a Windycrest member, we invite you to check us out and get involved.  You don't have to have a boat to join, but you will need an interest in sailing and or racing a sailboat.

Don't be intimidated by a lack of experience, Windycrest provides the perfect situation to learn with adult and junior classes during the summer months.  If you have experience, so much the better. 

Regardless of how you found us, membership is a relatively straight forward process.  After deciding to apply, you will be invited to a Board of Governors meeting.  We like to meet prospective members and get their views on sailing and how they can be a active and interested member.

Regular Membership - Includes owning either a keelboat or centerboard boat.  A completed application form with proper dues payment must be submitted before approval of membership will be granted.  We sometimes have a waiting list for water space.  We do require membership to be put on the water space list so many keelboat owners will join as associate member until space becomes available.  Attach a written request for water space with your application. 

Membership is limited to boats less than 29 feet in length and weighing less than 6,000 pounds.  Windycrest is a "do it yourself" club and membership dues are reduced by 50% when you earn work party credit at the annual work party.

Membership - Includes use the club, but do not own boats.  Most associate members are in the training programs, or crew on regular members boats.  We also have Racing, Special, and Sustaining memberships, which are also available.

Contact the
Vice Commodore
for more information about various levels of membership, slip and mooring availability, fees, or any other questions you may have about Windycrest.