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  Posted 09/02/20
  1982 S2 Yachts, S28
  George Eber, 918-607-4710


  Posted 08/14/20
  1978 Sunbird 16 sailboat
  Trailer, 2HP Johnson(needs work),
   Easy to sail, Cuddy cabin is good for sail and life jacket storage.
   Make offer.
   Tom Proctor,


  Posted 07/16/20
  Easy to sail, ready to race!
  Beautiful boat, no dings or scratches Fast boat, bring home some trophies!
  Join most active fleet at Windycrest; Come try one on.
  Text. 918.694.5444


  Posted 6/28/18
  1985 Santana 20 #700  - $1,400 or best offer
  Includes: original sails (mainsail, jib, 150% genoa, and spinnaker)
  plus a North Sails 150% genoa and a second spinnaker ("One Ton Tomato")
Also includes trailer.  Located in the upper dry-sail keel-boat lot.
  Contact Skip Chandler at (918) 237-0060

Posted 09/23/17
1989 One Design 14 - Make an Offer
Grand Prix and Standard Rigs w/ sails for both
All necessary parts, cover, and trailer
Contact Steven Gent at 918-260-5344


                          EQUIPMENT & OTHER THINGS FOR SALE

Posted 10/12/20
Axle all wheels disc brakes 12,900 rating WindyCrest price $5500;
everywhere else advertised $6000.
Mike Palmer (918) 991-8691


Posted 09/28/20
Capri 25, Kerr made main sail, good cruising sail (save the loud sails for racing).

Reaching spinnaker (screecher) with high end lines included. Excellent except for a
little tea stain after being dipped in Keystone lake; this has a snuffing sock. Should fit
most 25’ class, up or down sized boat. Perfect for those light air days in Aug. Sept., Oct.
the lines alone are like new and expensive: $300
Contact P Covey at p.covey AT



   Posted 9/1/19

   Boat Trailer - $4,000
   2 x 3500 lb. axels, lo-boy, inertia brakes, spare tire,
   tongue extension and the lights all work.

   Contact: Gary Worley 918-261-4074


    Posted 06/26/19
     Island Hopper Motor - Firm at $300 (Paid $670).
Type: extendable shaft, air cooled, 2HP, easy carry (16 lbs),
    2 cycle, less than 2 hrs total use, the motor is gas rather than what is pictured. ~34" shaft
    Perfect for small boats on wind failing days.
     Contact: Bob Wandres - 918-813-1052


Posted 7/1/18
6000 pound Hydro.
Located at Wendycrest Sailing Club
Contact Bob McGinnis at (918) 629-9308


     Posted 1/26/15
  APS Sunfish race training sail, white with window ($160 brand new) never taken out of the bag - $100.
    Dagger Board - Almost new (new price $357), not even a scratch - $200.

    Contact Peggy Dailey at (918) 798-1158


                          WANTS TO BUY


    Want to buy a used outboard motor
  Contact: Barend Meiling
    Phone: 918-752-7525

    or email: tulsadutchman AT