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                    BOATS FOR SALE

   Posted 09/23/17

   1987 Melges C Scow - $1,500
   Stiff hull, kind of ugly
   All necessary parts, cover, and trailer $1500
    Contact Steven Gent at 918-260-5344

Posted 09/23/17
1989 One Design 14 - $1,000
Grand Prix and Standard Rigs w/ sails for both
All necessary parts, cover, and trailer
Contact Steven Gent at 918-260-5344

   Posted Updated 9/23/15  
     Catalina 22 (1973) - $2,000
     Swing Keel, Pop Top, S
tiff & Dry
    Original Sails, Bimini, Motor (unsure of present condition)

  It's at one end of C-Dock.
     Contact Donna Rutledge at (918)-585-3585

   Posted 5/9/14
 Seidelmann 25 - Asking $8500 or best offer
9HP out board, Harken hardware, new cushions, many extras, and fiberglass dock box.
    Custom trailer designed for frequent loading and unloading needs in mind.
     Contact Alan J. Forman at 918-625-8200

                      EQUIPMENT FOR SALE

   Posted 11/09/16
   All items are brand new (never used).
   1)      1, Pintle-Dinghy 5/16 Transom (Retail $39.39): $19.00
2, Gudgeon-Dinghy 5/16 Pintle (Retail $16.99): $8.00 each
1, Pintle-Lite Duty, upper, 5/16 x 3/4 (Retail $35.99): $18.00
   Contact Jesse Garcia at 918-671-0040 (call or text)

      Posted 1/26/15
  APS Sunfish race training sail, white with window ($160 brand new) never taken out of the bag - $125.
    Dagger Board - Almost new (new price $357), not even a scratch - $225.

    Contact Peggy Dailey at (918) 798-1158


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